Simple solutions for WordPress

Hello, my name is Murray and I love to help people with their ideas and build them into beautiful, mobile responsive websites. I work with a small team of freelancers, we make almost any idea possible starting from finding your presence, creating content, design and layout, review, test and launch to your current market.

My sites include

  • Rock-solid security
  • Blazing fast performance
  • Built in SEO
  • Beautiful, mobile responsive designs
  • Simplicity and clarity lead to trust

I would love to help create a final product, that being a fully functional website. Keeping simplicity and user experience in mind.

Site ProcessĀ – the weekly approach

  • Collect information – you throw as much information my way so I get a good idea of who you are, your business direction, clients needs and wants. Amy will be in touch.
  • Create a working website – how the website reads (content), the natural flow (user experience) and process.
  • Design – by this time I’ll have a grand idea of the design scope, and we can fit your branding in nicely.
  • Test and launch – you send to your friends and I’ll send it to mine, and we try to break the site. Then a launch to the masses, which they heard about four weeks earlier.

Please note I’m pretty flexible with the scope, all you have to do is ask.

What I do?

  • Help with your website goals.
  • Choose the hosting and domain provider – reasons are security, performance and reliability.
  • Custom design the site to create returns.

What I don’t?

  • Work from your designs.
  • Email hosting, but can make choosing easier.
  • Work on or repair sites not build by me.

The total cost of designing and building a site is $4,400 the break down is $55 per hour for 20 hours a week over four weeks. We create simple solutions for WordPress that are made correctly and create returns guaranteed.

Thanks for giving me the time, and look forward to working with you.

p 0402 706 763

Client Site Stats
153,000+ pages
4.2 million images
1.5 million in revenue

Leisure & Equipment

Tuckers Cycle Inn

My Camera Focus

Extreme Photography

CQ Cabinet Makers

S-Teem, Adventure Based Learning

Murray Anderson-Clemence
p 0402 706 763
a Perth, Australia